Pink Flowers !!

So I am so excited about this outfit because I literally made it from nothing 🙂 !

The pants started out as this Vogue Pattern

When I finished the jumpsuit I realized that it was WAY to dressy and in my opinion it just didnt fit right !! So I went to work trying to make something ELSE out of it .
Here is the original fabric that I used :
I purchased the fabric from Joann\’s earlier this summer it\’s a rayon challis fabric so the drape ( the way it falls ) is incredible .
First I cut off the bodice ( upper half) that I had previously sewn . I then added elastic to the waistline and put a hem in the leg . I figured I was done but apparently I had lost weight since I made the jumper so it was way to big . I turned the pants inside out and pinned where I needed to take in . I wanted it slightly snug around the hips and flowing at the legs . Once I took it in they where PERFECT !!!
Now I needed a top !! The red top I originally decided to use just didn\’t give me the look I wanted . I still had a small amount of fabric left from the Tshirt Revamped dress so I took the original tshirt dress pattern I had made and left the sleeves and bottom half off. Whala!!!! I had my top . I then cut a belt to match and I was done !!!
I think they turned out great together !!! Hope you love ! XOXO

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