Heather Grey T- Shirt Dress

I decided to make another Tshirt dress  from  : MiMi Goodwin  . These dresses are so easy to make !!!


This time I chose a Heather Grey Jersey Knit to make it more casual . 

 I made a dressier one here out of a lighter Jersey Knit : T-Shirt Maxi

The odd thing that I found about this fabric is that it had TWO FOLDS, which worked out for me because I didn\’t have to put a seam down the back .


One thing that Ive learned while sewing is that its always best to iron your seems as you finish sewing them. It helps the seams lay smoother .

The dress turned out .. this material was pretty heavy so I can wear this dress in the winter also .
I hope you like.. I will definitely be making more and possibly experimenting with changing this pattern up some…… STAY TUNED  !!!

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