Rainbow Dress – Mccall 7563

This Dress!!! 
I first saw this dress on Nicole Murphy , who is just absolutely fabulous, and I knew I had to make it! The designer for her dress is Caroline Constas Apollonia and the dress retails for $495. I wasn\’t the only one inspired by this dress because the super fabulous Erica Bunker also made one for her beautiful daughter ( you can view hers here ) !!
 Isn\’t it a dream to be able to see something and make it ?!! 
This dress is the BOMB! In my opinion, the sleeves and off shoulder are what makes it so fabulous! 
The designer also used a technique called \”shirring\” which I had never done before. So after watching several tutorials, I set out to make this beauty. 
I didn\’t have to go far because I already had a pattern that was perfect for it !! 
Mccall 7563 to the rescue AGAIN !!
YES! I used this same pattern for my last make here.
This pattern has helped me make two really cute off shoulder pieces! 
Thanks, McCall 🙂 
I only used the Sleeve and Bodice pattern pieces to make the base of this dress. 
Although I loved the silhouette of the dress I wasn\’t to fond of the print that the designer used so I decided to go with something a little brighter …it is Summer right?!
 The fabric that I chose was a  Multicolor Bold Stripes Cotton Woven from Mood Fabrics.
This fabric is Beautiful and it\’s on 7.99 a yard so in my opinion a STEAL 
So, I had my fabric, my pattern and some general knowledge on shirring … I  was ready. 
To make the dress I used the two pieces mentioned above but modified each. For the sleeves, I cut the top portion using the sleeve pattern piece and for the bells, I used a circle skirt format .. but tailored it to my arms which were as simple as measuring my arms instead of my waist   :).  Mimi G has a really easy formula/tutorial here that you can use to get a full circle sleeve like I achieved.  

In order to get the layered look I measured from the end of the TOP sleeve ( the piece I cut from pattern) down the length I wanted it to fall and cut each piece a different length.  

They turned out PERFECT!

 For the bodice, I measured from where the bodice piece ended down to wear I wanted the dress to fall on me. I layed the pattern piece on my fabric and drew out the pattern piece PLUS the length added to make it long enough .
Once I had all the pieces cutout I begin shirring. There are several tutorials that can be found online to achieve the look but Erica did a tutorial for We All Sew that can be found here. 
The process was a bit time consuming but actually fun! 

To finish the top portion of both the sleeves and the dress I folded the top over 1 inch and begin my shirring from there.  I hemmed the sleeves and bottom of the dress using a narrow hem !
I was done !! 
This dress was really easy to make!!
 I wish I had more summer because I would definitely find the time to make another but I think one will have to do for now! 

 I love how fun and flirty this dress is ! 

 The sleeves turned out so DRAMATIC!!   

Until Next time !! XOXOXO


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  1. Pretty and feminine.


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