Classic Suit Dress – New Look 6299

I love this little cute number !!!
 I decided to make her because I\’m really liking structured pieces lately. I loved the collar detail on this dress pattern , it really gave structure to the dress . 
I decided to do a mixture of View  D and B .
This gave me the sleeves that I wanted and the collar! 
I love how cute and sassy this dress turned out ! 
I added the split cuff to both sleeves to add a little character to the dress.
The dress itself was SUPER easy to construct and alter to get the look that I wanted .
I chose the optional godets version of the dress to give it more fullness.  I had a little practice with installing godets so these went on much easier than the first time .

The hem of the dress was a honest afterthought !
 I had some white bias tape left over from another project, so I decided to trim the hem with it !
More character !  OK I better stop before I end up looking like a Disney character 🙂 
My husband actually said I looked like a nurse ……..:) …….. ( get your minds out the gutter!)
But it did give me the idea to pair these cute faux scallop tights from Hot Topic with it ! 
Hot Topic Tights can be found here 
Love this dress for a night out with the girls or my guy !
 I could pair this with my black knee boots to get a different look. 
Fabric Used 
Dress : Grey Suiting Fabric
Collar : White Paisley Print Cotton 
 I hope you like this make as much as I do ! 
I doubt I will be making many more of her in the near future considering the weather. 
She was such a cute addition to my wardrobe tho..WIN !
Until Next Time !! 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    Beautiful dress!Will you be doing tutorials on youtube soon?


  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE this look!! Thanks for sharing!


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