Camo Utility Jumper – Simplicity 8060

 Hey hunnies I hope you are doing well!!! I\’m just winding down my spring break (bitter sweet). We took the kids to Universal Studios ( if you follow me on Instagram you saw the pics) and they had a ball!! HOWEVER hear me when I tell you , I AIN\’T gettin no younger !  It took Ant (my husband) and I a few days AFTER the vacation to recoup, but we are back to ourselves!  
I am having so much fun sewing in my element ! What I mean is I\’m COMFORTABLE in the clothes Ive been making .. I\’m finally finding my style..   I hope you like this make ………

  So I\’ve had this Stretched Cotton Sateen fabric for a while ! 
I purchased it in the winter when Mood Fabrics debuted it on their Instagram page!
 I KNEW I had to have it but I had no idea what I wanted to make with it, 
So I waited until the right pattern came along !
Ive reeeeeeallly got a few favorites in MiMi\’s Spring Patterns so this wont be the last you see !
This pattern was right up my alley ! I Love Jumpers because they are ONE OUTFIT !!!
I loved THIS ONE and there are just not that many Jumper patterns out!
Thank you MIMI !!

I enjoyed making this jumpsuit .. I think the hardest part was the amount of pieces!!!
 . The instructions where very well explained but if you\’re more of a visual person, she has also provided a Tutorial! 
I love the fit of the jumpsuit …the only slight \”ehhh\” is how deep (long) the crotch area is.. but that may lend to the style of the \”Utility Jumpsuit\”. 
I added elastic to the bottom of my pants because I have small legs so there was a lot of room around the leg opening that I didnt want.
 Simple Fix !!
I  will be making this one again in a solid color !!
Fabric :
Notions :

Until Next Time !!!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    I like it. Real cute on you.


  2. Wow. this is so freaking cute. in a badass way ;). i love the way you placed the white of the camo, it almost looks like an animal print, and that elastic is such a great addition.


  3. Shun D says:

    Thank you so much Victoria !!


  4. Shun D says:

    Thank you so much Oona !! I love your style and blog !!


  5. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  6. Unknown says:

    What size did you cut?


  7. shoes are very attractive with the dress…….clik it…:


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