BYW – The White Blouse M6436

Alright guys the \” Build Your Wardrobe Series is in full swing and I love the feedback and pics that I have been receiving from you guys !! Keep the pictures coming of how you style you piece and every Friday I will showcase those!!

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 Its my week and this week I am showing you ways to style \” The White Blouse\” . The White Blouse is super versatile because it can be worn with just about anything !!! What Ive shown you is how easy it is to transition from dressy to casual just by changing your bottoms 🙂

Its that simple !! 

For this piece I used a McCall Pattern 6436  : 

 Overall the pattern was pretty simple but I dont know if I would call it a \” easy\” pattern . There where a few parts that took me a while . I had a little time installing the sleeve because there was WAAAY more ease than necessary so that took a minute ! Also my collar had to be adjusted a bit because it was longer than the collar band . One other adjustment I made was omitting one pocket and the flaps . Being a heavier chested female the flaps would have done NOTHING to help in that area 🙂

The White Blouse is s SUPER essential piece for your wardrobe because it can be combined with different pieces to make ENDLESS looks !! I cant wait to pair this with the Blazer I will be making for Week 3 !!!!!

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A tutorial for making this top will be posted on Wednesday so stay tuned !!

Until Next Time XOXOXO

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  1. Damn good job on that Blouse….I think I've tired 3 blouses since I've been sewing, but only finished 1, LOL! Yes, we can never ever have enough of blouses…. Great job remember always to Sew it Chic..


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