Kaleidoscope – Simplicity 1159

Kaleidoscope is what I call HER !!!!
This concept came about bit by bit .. I started the process only knowing that I wanted to create a dress that I painted !  The first step was finding a pattern.. I knew that I wanted a halter top look but I needed something that wouldn\’t make it hard to wear a bra *wink*. I decided on one of MiMI G\’s  new patterns , I hadn\’t sewn one yet so this gave me the perfect opportunity !
I only used the top portion of the pattern 
 It gave me a \”flat\” canvas to paint on with not to many seams .. 
Next I needed a way to paint on fabric with the fabric remaining soft and flexible . I did a little research and ran across a product called Textile medium. 
 When mixed with acrylic paint it turned it into a fabric paint …this was perfect !! I played around with a few ideas in my head and decided on a urban chick theme … I wanted it colorful !!
I drew the face and flowers  out first  then used a \”Marvy \” transfer pen trace the face onto the tracing paper. The same was done for the flowers and then I painted the entire design …

I had to wait 24 hours before I could heat set the image and then began the rest of the construction. 
Once dry I constructed the rest of the bodice and  began on the bottom skirt…
The colors chosen  where based on the colors that \”Struck me\” as I was walking thru the fabric store. I wanted a light weight material for the skirt so that it flowed when I walked ..I toyed around with the idea of using chiffon  but that would have been a HORRIBLE headache . I decided on using crepe ..it was light weight and had a little texture to it which is what I wanted …  

The idea starting out with the skirt was that I wanted to involve all the colors … BUT I didnt want them to all be seen until you moved .. 
So essentially the dress would look different when you walked…. or if the wind blew ..or you turned to see who called you … 🙂 
To get the effect I wanted I cut out 6\” panels of each color and sewed two pieces together leaving one end open so that I could flip it right side out. This was a tedious process but SO WORTH IT !!
Once I had finished all my pieces and given them a good press I attached them to the bodice . 
I started with white in the middle then blue and yellow followed all the way around .. 
My next layer was coral ..I wanted coral to be the POP of color you caught when you moved !
 It turned out exactly how I wanted !!!
The underskirt was attached to keep me from giving folks an eye full as I walked 🙂
 I ended up really digging the way it looked under the panels .
I love how the dress changes when the wind blows 

Until Next time XOXOXOXO

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  1. You are AMAZING and this dress is to die for. I am a new follower via Bloglovin and looking forward to more. . .


  2. hey, this is amazing. Would you please do a tutorial on how to paint and heat set? I am very interested.


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