Rippin Aint Easy Challenge #1 – M6953 – Spring Fling

So I mentioned in my last post that I had been chosen as a contestant in the Pretty Girls Sew \” Rippin Aint Easy\” Sewing Competition …. We where given our pattern three weeks ago and from there my wheels began to turn …


McCall 6953


I was super excited and frighten all at the same time … I mean seriously, each one of the contestants /seamstress is Uber talented 🙂 So its scary 🙂

But here we go ……

I knew what I wanted to accomplish in this design but getting there was the battle . I recently experimented with making my own fabric on my \”Escape\” piece and I really loved the results . You can go there to read more on the process , but I basically applied the same concept. I ordered my Jet Pro SoftStretch online , I chose this type paper because its MUCH better than traditional transfer paper … the image can be stretched , it\’s soft to the feel , and it doesn\’t fade .

It took a few days for the paper to get here so in the mean time I finished my bodice and lining piece. Finishing the lining was a breeze but before I could join my lining to my bodice I had to complete my skirt portion . I found the image that I wanted to use on the skirt border ( tulips was actually my husbands idea) , printed it out on the paper and used a Heat Press to bond the image to the fabric .

Oh! by the way, I went with a white Gabadine knit because I wanted more structure. Once the skirt pieces where printed , which took a LOT of creativity, cutting and cursing, putting it all together was super easy!

So here she is …..\”Spring Fling\”




I LOVE how she turned out … I mean I really LOOOOOOVE how she turned out !!!

The dramatic High Low Effect was on point !!!

I modified the high low dress on the pattern by NOT adding the contrasting piece at the bottom …

I wanted it to be flirty… but classy 🙂


The design of the tulips turned out beautiful!!!!!!

I really had to do a lot of cutting and moving until I got the look I wanted



I added horse hair braid to the hem to get a fuller look .





The pattern was super easy to make and gave me the freedom to experiment with the fabric printing





Ok now is when you need to head on over to PRETTYGIRLSSEW.COM to vote for ME!!!!



Thanks so much and I hope you liked this piece like I do !!!





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow it is beautiful, great job!


  2. Unknown says:

    I love this dress


  3. Oh my goodness. Just gorgeous. I guess you know I'm going to use this technique. I love it. You did such a wonderful job on placement and design. Way to go. And congrats on your win.


  4. Sheila says:

    Absolutely Stunning !!! I love everything about this dress and the technique… flawless. I need a heat press in my life.


  5. Unknown says:

    My God girl – awesomagic and amazingaballs – if feel quite humble 🙂 xx


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