Matte Black – M6758

So I often complain (mainly to my husband) about how bland things are in Birmingham. With my husband being from Europe and seeing all the beautiful architect that abounds in the cities there, I\’ve always been a bit jelly (Jealous) because Birmingham just doesnt quite fit the bill!! … Ive found this more annoying since becoming a blogger because your always on the lookout for a \”good\” background . But, what I will say, is that being a blogger forces you to search and seek out the rare gems that a city like mine does have  🙂


 I follow a photographer in the local area and she always has these WONDERFUL backgrounds,  She posted a picture about a year ago and I wondered where it was , I even asked , but given the vast amount of emails she must get each day … I didnt get a reply back 😦 …. SO I forgot about it.
   However!!! It was like this little place wanted me to find it because a few weeks ago it popped up on another bloggers instagram that i happended upon that lives in Birmingham . This time I didn\’t have to ask because someone in the comments had already asked for me 🙂  

The name of the place where this sign is located is John City Diner
located downtown off of Richard Arrington Blvd North 
Ive never eaten at the place but Ive heard wonderful things about ther Chicken and Waffles …so I will be visiting soon . I guess its the least I can do after using their sign as a photo opp 🙂 

Their are diffrent versions of the sign throughout Birmingham but from what I have seen this is by far the prettiest 🙂

Ok …so I digressed a bit but Ya\’ll!! I was so excited to  find this place and it was worth the wait because there where other really great places around it 🙂

The DRESS !  McCall Pattern 6758 I ran across the pattern a few months ago but wasnt sure whether are not I wanted to sew it … I loved the simplicity of the dress but I knew that whatever fabric I used would need to match the Simplicity of the pattern . So, I bought the pattern and when I took my trip to Fine Fabrics in Norcross a few weeks back .. I found the perfect Matte Black Mid Weight Ponte 🙂

 IT WAS ON !!!!
The pattern was SUPER EASY to follow and I loved the neck and top stitching details, 
It also came in diffrent cup sizes when comes in handy when ur a full chested woman :-/
The dress was more of a Tunic style dress so honestly when I made it I wasnt thrilled on the loose fit of it … So I took it in on the sides a bit and added a rolled hem. 

I love the color black and if I\’m careful ill get sucked in and start making nothing but black for myself!!! Its such a slimming color 🙂 
Anywhoo! I hoped you loved this piece as much I did !! 

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Faye Lewis says:

    I love simple designs too, and this is a great one. Your pictures turned out very well, perfect backgrounds.


  2. Shun D says:

    Thank you Faye !!


  3. SewSimplyMe says:

    Great dress! I was looking at this pattern because of the different cup sizes but just couldn't visualize me (inverted triangle) in it. You make me want to reconsider.


  4. Unknown says:

    This pattern is featured in the November 2015 issue of \”Threads\”, but when I went to order it online, was dismayed to find that it is out of print. Where did you happen to buy yours? In a retail store or online? I'm desperate to find it, and can only find one on eBay that is in the very largest size. (I need the first size range.) Thanks!


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