Batwing Dress and Destin, FL

So I was in Destin Florida for the weekend loves and I loved every single minute of it !!
We where there for my sons soccer tournament and we normally don\’t have much time to do what we want but this time …. WE FOUND THE TIME !! 
We left early headed down on Friday so that we could spend the entire evening on the beach …
 We stayed on the Emerald Coast and the Beaches and waters there where absolutely breath taking !!!
Of course you guys know I had to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery ..  
The dress I chose was a \” Batwing Off Shoulder Dress\” that I had seen several photos of online. 
This dress was self drafted.. 
I had decided that this dress was a \”MUST MAKE\” a weeks back so  Destin was the perfect place for this dress… 
My husband and I decided to go to dinner one of the nights that we where there and this dress made a perfect transition from walking on the beach to a sexy dinner date with the hubby … 😉 

The dress was SUPER easy to make and I made it so that it can be worn off the shoulder or on …
Remember I try to make all my pieces work friendly also 🙂 
The dress was really comfortable and Sexy 
That was my goal and I feel like I achieved it … 
Like I stated earlier , the dress was self drafted…
  I studied different versions of it online before I set out to make it … 
I drafted my own pattern on paper first and then used the last fabric that i purchased at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta .
If you would like a tutorial on this VERY versatile dress please comment below and Ill do my best to get one up for you guys!

The dress is SO versatile !
I really hope you guys love and dont forget to comment below if you would like a tutorial on this fun flirty dress!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlene says:

    Very nice dress. The color is amazing on you. A tutorial would be really nice.Have a great day!


  2. Knots of Luv says:

    Please do a tutorial…


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