Jungle Fever / V8825

Ok , so I\’m bringing you ladies another \”Fine Fabrics\” find from my weekend in Atlanta.

My Inspiration for this dress was taken from Ms. Demetria Mckinney
( Actress on the Tyler Perrys  House of Pain)
I fell in love with the overall look of this dress so when I went to Fine Fabrics it was an absolute necessity to get some \”jungle\” print fabric..

I absolutely love how this dress turned out and it was fairly Easy to make …

 I used pattern V8825
The only real problems that I had was lining up the shoulder pieces of the sleeve .
 It took me a few tries but  I was able to get a nice clean finish …

 ( Note: Be sure when cutting your pattern pieces , that you cut them EXACT… this will help with lining up your pieces correctly )

I plan on making this dress in a solid color with no adjustments but for this ensemble I added length and width to get the flowy  look.

When I make the solid color I plan on lengthening the arms because I want more of an exaggerated lazy sleeve as shown on the pattern model.

My arms are so long so whenever I make a dress I ALWAYS have to lengthen the arms……………
I forgot this time 🙂

One thing I adore about this dress is how it came with a \” built in\” belt because….
 I always seem to loose my outfit belts… :-/   So this will be much more convenient !

Overall Success I think …
Until next time … XOXOXO

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlene says:

    My favorite of all you have done. So elegant! Beautiful!


  2. Janet says:

    I have this pattern. Now I am inspired. I really appreciate the tips and the fabric is a great match.


  3. Threadie says:

    Wahou !! I love this dress and the fabric… !


  4. Shun D says:

    Charlene Aww!! Thanks so much!


  5. Shun D says:

    Janet Im glad i could help! thanks so much for your kind words!


  6. Shun D says:

    Threadie! Thanks so much !!


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