Pink Summer Jumper ! + Sew Along

                                                 PINK FOREVER !!! 🙂

  Well maybe not forever but I definitly think ill be sewing EVERYTHING pink for a while 🙂
This color is so radiant and to think I use to DESPISE pink . … If you have read my previous post you  know that until I started sewing my own clothes , my wardrobe consisted of nothing but neutral tones … BUT since I have began sewing Ive dabbled a bit more in color.

 I am so glad I chose this pink!!!!

Actually  I dare to say that SHE chose me ..

 I was walking to the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics ( like I do OFTEN 🙂 ) and BAMMM there she was … on the buggy heading back to the remnants rack .. She hadn\’t even made it back to  remnants yet before I saw her, and GRABBED HER !!

 I\’m SO Glad I did !!
I wasn\’t  sure what I wanted to use her for at that point but I knew I had to have her !
My inspiration came when I saw this pic : 
Of course you know I wasn\’t going to  buy it 🙂 but i sat out trying to find a way to make it myself .
I decided to use these two patterns !!

Now, in theory you would think they would work seamlessly together.. and as you can see they did … but not without some hair pulling, nail biting, … and maybe a small amount of cursing  🙂 …

Needless to say it turned out all right
Im in the process of editing the video but when I do you guys will get to sew this with me …
Nahh , I made it pretty simple so I believe that you guys can follow it to make your own summer jumper ! 

Until Next Time XOXOXOXOXO

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shundra, it turned out to be so lovely. After the work of combining the patterns, maybe you'll make another.


  2. Faye Lewis says:

    Wonderful job!


  3. Vanessa says:

    You definitely are pretty in pink!! Nice jumper!


  4. Unknown says:

    Really cute! It's time to start working on my fall wardrobe. I think I'll add this to the


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