Summer Flowers V8901

Ive been gone so long!!!! 

I know ……….Ive been gone WAAAYY to long , thats because I had a large order of  9 praise dance outfits  and overlays that I agreed to do for a friends praise dance team  ….  Now ill say this … I enjoy sewing for others .. but I LOVE sewing for myself.  In the future I do plan to open a \” Made To Order\” Boutique ..but for now I look at this as a hobby so sewing for myself is what I PREFER the moment ..

I do however plan to sell a few pieces BY REQUEST for the summer. 
So stay tuned !

                          Ok … On to the OOTD… the pattern that I used for this summer dress was  V8901
Fabric for the bottom portion of dress was purchased from
 Fabric: Rayon/Nylon Mix
Fabric for the top Portion of  dress purchased from  Hancock Fabric
Fabric: White Gabardine
I love how this dress turned out . 
I originally cut a size 10 but quickly realized that it was to big because the sides of the dress flared out WAY to much so I had to adjust it a bit .

 I added a invisible zipper to the back that blended in nicely . 
Overall the dress pattern was really easy to follow . I haven\’t sewn for myself in over a month so I wasn\’t aware that I had dropped a size … ( Im not complaining 🙂 ) but it might have helped to have known that BEFORE I started cutting 🙂 
I think the dress is the PERFECT summer dress , nice and breezy fabric with beautiful Summer colors …
I love and I hope you do to!!
 Until Next Time XOXOXO !!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    WOW that is one awesome dress – love everything about it – never seen the pattern before – have you had it long?


  2. Shun D says:

    The pattern is v8901 . I actually just bought it recently


  3. adrienne says:

    Cute! I have this one on my cutting table!


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