School Girl in NOLA!

This weekend I\’m in New Orleans!!

I must say , I love the  city..I loved visiting the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. Although parts of Bourbon Street where a bit to wild for myself ..Overall I enjoyed the experience. We are here for my sons soccer tournament so we had to find time to do any site seeing…
Now on to my outfit…. I love the way this dress turned out…I was going a not so innocent school girl look 🙂 
I think I nailed it 🙂 
Here is the pattern that I used : Vogue 8615
I altered it a bit by taking three inches off the bottom and adding a peter pan color. The dress was made from the same stretch suiting fabric that i used in \”That Guy\” outfit. I love it because it has a stretch and its wrinkle free. 
Next time I make the dress I want to use a lighter fabric, after adding the lining the dresses ended up having some weight to it. For spring and summer this wont do!! Yes I do plan on making another!!
Overall I love this dress. The pattern was SUPER easy to follow.
To make the \”Peter Pan\” collar I first connected the front and back bodice pieces. Before I connected the side pieces,  I traced the length and shape of the collar by laying tracing paper over it. After I had the top traced I free handed the shape of the \”Peter Pan \”Collar. There are several tutorials on you tube on how to do this .

I enjoyed taking pictures in the city…it was so beautiful …Hope you guys love!!
Till next time 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    Nice one Shun ! Sexy !


  2. Anonymous says:

    It's certainly a nice outfit and you look very sexy wearing it.But I don't know where you could have gone to school, but if girls looked like that I wished I had went to it as well 😉


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